Gauri singh from Bilaspur (Chattisgarh)_AN ARTIST. I am a student_12 year old  in BRILLIANT PUBLIC SCHOOL Bilaspur. I am an artist and even constantly focusing on my studies. I exactly love to study SCIENCE and MATHS. “My art never regret my studies I am study lover.! These don’t effect my creativity.!

I am an artist and diy maker.- {EVEN CUSTOMIZED}

Arts__                                                        DIY__
– DOODLE ART                                        – Wall decor (paper)
– ZECTANGLE ART                                  – bookmarks
– MANDALA ART                                      – BOOK outmarks
– SKETCH                                                 – Stickers
– PAINTING                                               – pencil stands, makeup stands

AND KINDS OF diy’s..

Thank you.!